Sure Signal

This device is no longer available to buy. However, we continue to support you if you’re already using it.

Sure Signal uses your fixed broadband to boost the 3G mobile signal throughout your house or office, giving you more bars on your Vodafone mobile and enhanced call quality.

Femtocell is the industry name for this kind of device.

Important Things to Know

Sure Signal

  • Customers must be on a Farmside or Vodafone mobile and their broadband connection needs to have a speed of 2Mbps or higher.

  • The operation of the Sure Signal cannot be guaranteed to provide a connection under all conditions. Therefore, customers should not solely rely on a mobile phone for emergency communications.
  • When connected Sure Signal will use data from your Farmside Satellite Broadband or (RBI) Wireless broadband plan plus use your 3G mobile voice, text and data from its plan as usual.
  • These terms are in addition to your Farmside Broadband Plan terms.
  • Sure Signal terms and conditions.