Farmside Asset Management FAQs


What is Asset Management?

The ability to manage your New Zealand based assets from anywhere in the world. Asset management enables you to maximise asset utilisation so that you can make the right decisions for your business.

Why Asset Management?

Remove the manual process involved in tracking assets by using an automated system that stores, monitors and collects data across all your IoT estate. Being able to manage your IoT estate helps maximise utilisation and enables you to improve productivity, increase profitability and achieve business growth;

  • Full visibility of assets
  • Recover stolen assets
  • Monitor condition of each asset
  • Manage service and maintenance of each asset
  • Check collection and delivery of assets to various locations
  • Provide proof of service to clients to assist billing processes
  • Help your business comply with industry requirements

What do I do if my device is faulty?

Contact our Farmside support team.

What is the warranty period for my device?

12 months from the date of dispatch.

How do I attach my device?

The device is designed to be easy to attach using adhesive, screws, rare earth magnets or zip ties. Some customers also design mounting plates for ease of access.

How is access to the application secured?

For the login process, the application contains a secure access portal which requires the customer to use an email username and password to access the tracking platform. This same process applies to the Mobile App.


How can I make changes to my subscription?

If you feel as though your current subscription plan doesn’t suit your business needs, we can change it to one of the other plan options. Please get in touch with your Account team who will arrange this for you.

What will my bill look like?

Your Asset Management device/s and monthly subscription will be split into two single line items. This will be on your monthly bill.

Are the Asset Management Solution Plans & Device price points excluding GST?

Yes, these exclude GST.

Asset Management Platform

What is the Asset Management Platform?

The Asset Management Platform (complete with easy-to-use Mobile App) is a device management platform that provides full visibility of your connected assets. It provides powerful customizable reporting and alert notifications, remote device health monitoring and more.

How can I view the location of my device/s?

Your device can be monitored using Asset Management Platform which is available on both iOS and Android mobile applications. A web application can also be accessed via

What type of map does the application show?

Google maps; you will be able to switch between the standard map and satellite map. In both cases street names are overlaid into the map.

What can I do in the Asset Management Platform?

  • Create Alert Notifications for exceptional events
  • Create geo-fences
  • Schedule and set remainders for maintenance
  • Fully customisable reporting
  • Instant snapshot of daily movements
  • Live view
  • Map history
  • Timeline feature
  • Asset Location Sharing – share your location with anyone via a link. Location sharing has a number of options and customisations available. The location manager allows you to pick and choose what information you would like to share with your team member or customer and how long for.

Asset Management Platform

What is a Geofence?

A geofence is a virtual fence or perimeter around a physical location. It creates a separation between that location and the area around it. Using the Google Maps interface on the platform, the user can draw the geofence over the desired area in order to generate reports and alert notifications on assets moving in or out of the geofence. Once a geofence notification alert is set up, the devices will notify you if it leaves the geofenced area the next time it checks in, this will depend on your subscription choice.

What is a movement alert?

Movement Alert is a one-touch feature to allow the user to set an “anchor” to the asset so that it will notify the user when it next moves. It is ideal for trailers, recreational equipment, horse floats, boats, motorbikes, dollies, equipment, and even vehicles where the user is concerned about theft of an asset when leaving it temporarily at a location. It saves the user going into the website and setting up a one-time Geo-fence, and then setting up the Alert.

What is Recovery Mode?

Recovery Mode is a one-touch feature available on our cellular devices. It is designed to set the device into “live tracking” where it reports more regularly. This is useful in trying to recover a stolen asset.

Three important things to note:

  • Your data usage will increase dramatically until Recovery Mode is deactivated.
  • Battery life on the device will reduce quickly until the batteries are flat (up to 7 days depending where they are in the usage cycle), or until the Recovery Mode is deactivated.
  • Recovery Mode can be deactivated manually.


What network technology does my Asset Management device work on

Cellular 4G LTE– M. This is a future proofed IoT network based on low power and low-cost asset tracking. Your device will come with the IoT SIM card pre-installed and activated.

Can I use a different IoT network sim card with my Asset Management device?

All our devices have the sim cards pre-installed and activated. All devices provided are certified to operate on the One NZ IoT network. Farmside does not provide certification of devices on other service providers’ networks.

What happens when an asset travels outside of mobile coverage?

Your device will continue logging data and store it in memory. When it returns to coverage all data will be uploaded – no data is ever lost!

How much information can the Asset Management device store while out of coverage?

Over 40 000 records. This is enough for months of time spent out of coverage.

Device Information

What batteries should I use?

Lithium Energiser batteries are recommended. Very Important – DO NOT use Alkaline batteries.

How long will my battery last?

The Yabby Edge has a battery life of up to 8 years and the Oyster has a battery life of up to 8.5 years based on 4 positions per day. Depending on your tracking package (Locate, Move or Track), the battery life may be shorter depending on usage, conditions and device installation location.

Locate Move Track
Updates every 6 hours – no movement-based tracking. Updates every hour if on the move with location data collected every 15mins. Loc updates every 2hrs if not moving. Updates every 30 minutes if on the move with location data collected every 2mins. Loc updates every 12hrs if not moving. (Applicable for Oyster only).
Oyster 8.5 years 6.5 years 2.5 years
Yabby Edge 8 years 5 years 1.5 years

How long will my battery last?

The Yabby Edge has a battery life of up to 8 years and the Oyster has a battery life of up to 8.5 years based on 4 positions per day. Depending on your tracking package (Locate, Move or Track), the battery life may be shorter depending on usage, conditions and device installation location.

Where can I install my device?

Pretty much anywhere on the asset as long as it is not in a metal box where it cannot get a GPS signal. Avoid installing next to a hot surface (like an engine).

Will it work out the box?

Yes, but ensure it is outside or has view of the sky if there is no updated GPS position.

Is the housing weatherproof?

Yes, it is IP68 rated meaning it is dust and moisture proof. It can be high-pressure hosed or submersed under water for up to 30 mins at 1 meter depth.

How strong is the casing?

Ultra-rugged and waterproof IP68 rated housing ensures the device can withstand impact, find dust and brief submersion, with a temperature tolerance of -20C to +60C.