Homeline Terms

On 21 November 2019 we revised our Terms to make them easier to understand, but if you would like to see our old terms you can find them in the archive section of our website here.

Homeline Calling Plan Customer Terms and Conditions

  1.   About these Homeline Terms

  2.   Plan details

  3.   Capped Calling

  4.   Unlimited National Calling

  5.   Mobile Talk Packs

  6.   Homeline Telephone Services

1.   About these Homeline Terms

1.1   If you sign up for Farmside Homeline products, these terms and conditions will apply in addition to (and prevail over, if there is any inconsistency), the Farmside Standard Terms and Conditions

1.2   Other terms and conditions may also apply to the Services you choose, including Plan and offer terms and conditions.


2.   Plan details

2.1   The Homeline Calling Plan is available as a standalone option without any broadband Services.

2.2   A minimum 12 month fixed service term applies to all new Homeline Calling Plans.  If you disconnect your Homeline Calling Plan within the minimum term, we will charge you a disconnection fee of $113.85.

3.   Capped Calling

3.1   To be eligible for Capped Calling and Unlimited National Calling you must be connected to the Homeline Calling Plan (either on a standalone basis or as part of a Broadband and Phone Service).

3.2   Capped Calling applies for calls of up to and including 2 hours.  Casual rates will apply for any calls that exceed 2 hours.

3.3   Capped Calling to National landlines toll rates does not apply for customers who have the Unlimited National Calling attached to their plan.

4.   Unlimited National Calling

4.1   Unlimited National Calling applies for calls of up to and including 2 hours.  Casual rates will apply for calls that exceed 2 hours.

4.2   The Unlimited National Calling is subject to Farmside’s Fair Usage Policy at clause 2.12 of the Farmside Broadband Terms.

5.   Mobile Talk Packs

5.1   Mobile Talk Packs calls can be made at any time, for any duration up to the allocated number of minutes. The standard Landline to Mobile call rate will apply once the allocated number of minutes is reached. Multiple Mobile Talk Packs cannot be purchased.

5.2   Mobile Talk Packs secure access to a specified number of calling minutes, to a specified jurisdiction e.g mobile calls over and above the Homeline plan allocation from the date purchased until the next calendar 20th day. Mobile Talk Packs are billed one month in advance where a customer elects to buy Mobile Talk Packs for future usage periods.

5.3   Mobile Talk Pack minutes do not include calls made to overseas mobiles of visitors roaming in New Zealand or non-New Zealand mobiles.

6.   Homeline Telephone Services 

6.1       The following Terms apply to the rental and use of a Fixed Line Telephone (sometimes referred to as “POTS” or “Homeline”) as part of the Services:

(a)   Farmside Homeline Telephone Services include both line access and tolls. We reserve the right to disconnect you if you move tolls to another party.

(b)   Any unused portion of the monthly Talk Packs (toll calls) will not be accumulated from previous billing periods.


(c)   You will advise Farmside if you wish your phone number(s) to appear in the White Pages directory. If you do not instruct us to publish your phone number(s) in the directory, it will not appear.

(d)   You agree that no member of the Spark group of companies (or their officers, employees, contractors or agents) has any liability to you in connection with the directory assistance service or your phone book listing.

(e)   Where a call is not a local call, there is a one minute minimum charge for Homeline calls.  All calls are rounded up and charged by the minute (e.g. if your call was for 1 minute and 40 second, you will be charged for 2 minutes).

(f)   If you call a 0900 or special number you will be charged the rate as published by the telecommunications service provider of that phone number, plus for special numbers, your normal calling rate.

(g)  Each call is charged at the rate which is applicable when the call starts.

Ensure all telephone sockets, wiring and equipment such as phones and faxes on your premises that are connected to the Farmside network but not provided by us, are telepermitted.