Fibre Installation

Welcome to Farmside Fibre, we are very excited to take you on the journey with us as we get you connected to lightning fast internet. 

Fibre works off optical technology, Chorus rolled it out down your street not too long ago, but there are still a few steps we need to go through before you’re fully set up and browsing the net with the fastest source of internet in the country.

We don’t want to clutter you up with more paper work, so this page is going to outline the main points of getting your Fibre connected. 

First things first

Chorus will be installing the fibre and will need to come for a visit before they start work to take you through the work that will be done both inside and outside of your property. There’ll be a Chorus UFB Installation Agreement to sign once you and the technician have agreed on how best to carry out the work to get the best connection with the least inconvenience. It’s advised to read the agreement before this first meeting, click here to view the agreement.  

If you rent:

Chorus will provide you with a copy of the installation agreement outlining the work required to install the Fibre at the property. You’ll need to have this signed by the property owner and sent back to Chorus before the installation work can begin.

Top tips to get the most from your Wi-Fi

1. Position is everything. Place your Ultra Hub in the most central place in the house, ideally one metre or more above floor level.

2. Don’t hide your Ultra Hub away. Each wall or obstacle the signal has to pass through can reduce your Wi-Fi signal.

3. Using extension cables from your phone jack to the Ultra Hub can impact performance.

4. Keep your Ultra Hub at least 1 metre away from kitchen appliances and devices such as baby monitors, hair dryers and cordless phones.

5. If your devices support it, connect to the 5GHZ Wi-Fi band as preference over the 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi band.

6. You may also need to upgrade your laptops and smartphones to those with the latest Wi-Fi technology

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