Fibre Installation

Welcome to Farmside Fibre, we are very excited to take you on the journey with us as we get you connected to lightning fast internet. 

Fibre works off optical technology, Chorus rolled it out down your street not too long ago, but there are still a few steps we need to go through before you’re fully set up and browsing the net with the fastest source of internet in the country.

We don’t want to clutter you up with more paper work, so this page is going to outline the main points of getting your Fibre connected. 

First things first

Chorus will be installing the fibre and will need to come for a visit before they start work to take you through the work that will be done both inside and outside of your property. There’ll be a Chorus UFB Installation Agreement to sign once you and the technician have agreed on how best to carry out the work to get the best connection with the least inconvenience. It’s advised to read the agreement before this first meeting, click here to view the agreement.  

If you rent:

Chorus will provide you with a copy of the installation agreement outlining the work required to install the Fibre at the property. You’ll need to have this signed by the property owner and sent back to Chorus before the installation work can begin.


Where should I put my modem?

We recommend the modem is placed in a central location within your home away from other electronic devices such as microwaves, cordless phones and baby monitors. Other obstacles that can affect the WiFi capability aren’t always so simple to avoid, such as walls, floors and ceilings though if you speak to your Chorus installer about where it is really important to have strong WiFi, they’ll be able to help you pick out a spot.

When will I get my modem?

Your modem will arrive within 7 working days after signing up to Fibre, please call the friendly Timaru based Farmside team on 0800 32 76 74 if you haven’t received the modem after this time period.

What will happen at the first meeting?

A Chorus technician will meet with you at your property to talk you through the work required and agree on your installation plan. This will take approximately 1 to 2 hours, you need to be at home for this scoping appointment on the date that was booked at the time of signing up to the service with our sales rep.

If your existing copper phone line is connected by aerial cable or an underground pipe, Chorus will usually install your fibre cable in the same way. If that’s not possible they will recommended another option, if any non-standard installation work is required you will be advised of the additional costs by the Chorus technician. If you do not wish to pay the additional costs, you can cancel your Fibre Broadband Service and you will not incur any charges.

If you are happy with the agreed installation of the Fibre to your home, then you will be asked to sign the Chorus UFB installation agreement.

Any work to be carried out both inside and outside of your property will be noted on an agreement form completed by the technician which you’ll be asked to sign. The installation of the Fibre service cannot proceed until the Installation Agreement and End User Terms are agreed.

Click here to find out more detail about the fibre installation from the Chorus Website.

All going well, the Chorus technician may start the build work straight after your first meeting.

Building Fibre to your home, what needs to be done?

Once agreed, Chorus can begin the build work required to connect the Fibre service from the road to your house. You don’t need to be at home, but you should be contactable by phone in case there are any changes to what was agreed. Chorus will connect it to a small box installed on the outside of your house called an external termination point (ETP).

Getting connected, what happens during the visit?

Once Chorus have built the fibre to the outside of your house, it’s onto getting you connected. You will need to be home for up to four hours for this visit.

The Chorus technician will take the fibre from the ETP that they installed outside your house earlier, and connect it to another small box called an optical network terminal (ONT) inside your house. This is what you will connect your modem to.

The technician will complete the internal wiring and installation of the new fibre equipment in the agreed position as well as connecting up the modem to the Chorus ONT. They will also test your connection ensuring it can connect to the internet before leaving.

Once the installer has left your property, there should be nothing further required to get your service up and running. The installer will advise Farmside that your connection has been completed and is a working service.

How do I connect my computer/tablet/smartphone to the Ultra Hub?

Firstly, you will need the network name and password. You can find these on the underside of you Ultra Hub modem.

A: Connect over Wi-Fi:

When you click on the wireless symbol on your device and you see VodafoneXXXXXX_5 network displayed, connect to it for the best performance.

B: Connect to your wired devices (e.g. computer):

Connect your computer to any of the 3 yellow LAN ports on your Ultra Hub modem with the supplied LAN cable.

Your computer will need:

  • to be broadband compatible and fitted with an activated network card
  • to have up to date virus protection and a firewall installed
  • to be running an up to date supported operating system. E.g. Mac OS X, Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7
  • have a network adapter capable of 802.11 b/g/n to utilise 5GHz WiFi

If you are unable to connect to the internet, please call Farmside Customer Services on 0800 32 76 74. Our friendly team will be able to assist and guide you through, they are available from 8am-7pm Monday-Friday and 9am–5.30pm during the weekend.

How do I connect my modem?

1. Plug the power supply (included in the box) into a power socket and connect the other end to the Ultra Hub. Turn it on by pressing the (ON/OFF) button on the rear panel. The power light on the Ultra Hub will turn green, make sure the Chorus ONT is also powered on. 2. Connect a yellow cable marked LAN/WAN between the WAN port of the Ultra Hub and port 1 of the Chorus ONT. The internet light on the Ultra Hub will turn green once the internet is online. 3. If you have purchased a Fibre & Phone plan, simply plug your phone into the Phone 1 socket at the back of the Ultra Hub. 4. Connect your devices to the Ultra Hub.

How do I connect and set up my phone?

If you have a Fibre Broadband and Phone service, this is how to connect your telephone handset to the modem.

Simply plug your phone into the Phone 1 socket at the back of the Ultra Hub

Porting of your Phone number to the Fibre Broadband Service

If you are keeping your landline phone number, we will arrange the porting of your phone number to your new Fibre Broadband phone service. This can only take place once your Fibre Broadband connection is up and running and will take up to 10 working days.

Click here to view the Smart Service Guide

Changing your Wi-Fi name and password on the Ultra Hub

You can change your Wi-Fi name and password to match your existing one. Otherwise you will need to update your Wi-Fi details on each of your devices/smartphones/laptops.

You can easily change your Wi-Fi name and password through an internet browser.

Make sure your computer, tablet or smartphone is connected to your Ultra Hub (either plugged in directly using the cable provided or using the Wi-Fi).

1. Open the browser and enter in the address bar.

2. Enter the username and password found on the underside label of the Ultra Hub

3. Select from the top right drop down list select Basic and then Wi-Fi

What do the LED light on the modem mean?

Wait 5 minutes after setting up your Ultra Hub, then check the lights.

Changing your Wi-Fi channel or turning Wi-Fi on/off

You have 2 channels (2.4GHz and 5GHz) of Wi-Fi and you can turn both either on or off - for example if you prefer to have a hard wired connection to the Ultra Hub.

1. Open a web browser and go to, the Welcome screen appears, 2. Complete the following fields:

Username: vodafone

Password: You can find this on the bottom of your modem

3. The Overview screen appears

4. Click the Wi-Fi tab, the Setup screen appears. Here you can see the two toggle switches for the Wi-Fi channels - you can turn one, or both, on/off.

From the Channel drop-down menu, we recommend you select Auto. We DO NOT recommend manually setting the channel and it should be left on Auto as preference. The device automatically determines the best channel to use.

The device re-scans every 60mins for the optimal channel. Manually setting the channel should be used as part of temporary diagnostic troubleshooting only as advised by the Farmside team.

Please note: Wi-Fi channels for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz are set up separately

5. Click Apply

Top tips to get the most from your Wi-Fi

1. Position is everything. Place your Ultra Hub in the most central place in the house, ideally one metre or more above floor level.

2. Don’t hide your Ultra Hub away. Each wall or obstacle the signal has to pass through can reduce your Wi-Fi signal.

3. Using extension cables from your phone jack to the Ultra Hub can impact performance.

4. Keep your Ultra Hub at least 1 metre away from kitchen appliances and devices such as baby monitors, hair dryers and cordless phones.

5. If your devices support it, connect to the 5GHZ Wi-Fi band as preference over the 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi band.

6. You may also need to upgrade your laptops and smartphones to those with the latest Wi-Fi technology

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