Installation & Other Fees

Postage and Handling:

A $20 postage and handling fee applies to all new customer sales and where a customer is changing from one of our services to another.

Wireless Install:

  • Self-install – $20 freight charge applies for the self-install equipment.
  • Standard install – $99 and travel charges may apply. 
  • Non-standard install – $199 and travel charges may apply. 

Satellite Install:

  • Standard installation – $799 and travel charges may apply. 
  • Non-standard installation – contact us on 0800 32 76 74 for a quote. 


For Satellite Broadband and Phone plans a $124.99 ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) is required.

Travel Charges:

  • 0 – 20km $0
  • 21 – 50km $25
  • 51 – 100km $75
  • 101 – 150km $150
  • 151km+ $200

Standard Installation:

  • The premises is a single-story home or building made of wood or brick and has easy access to the roof using a ladder (not scaffolding)
  • The roof pitch is less than 15 degrees
  • 10 metres of cabling or less is required
  • The modem is located against an exterior wall
  • Connecting the service up to a single computer

Non-Standard Installation:

  • The premises is a 2 story or architecturally designed (1 or 2 story) home or building
  • The roof pitch is more than 15 degrees
  • Scaffolding or an elevated work platform is required
  • The house is difficult to access (e.g., on the side of a cliff)
  • Internal cabling is required
  • Additional cable in excess of 10 meters is required
  • Modem needs to be located in a difficult area to access (e.g., in the roof space of an internal office).
  • If the property is not on the mainland (e.g. Marlborough sounds and a water taxi is required).