RBI Broadband 150GB and unlimited off-peak booster offer terms

  1. The 150GB off-peak booster provides 150GB of data between the hours of midnight (12.00 am) to 5:00pm over and above the broadband plan.

  2. The unlimited off-peak booster provides unlimited data between the hours of midnight (12.00 am) to 5:00pm over and above the broadband plan. Fair usage applies as outlined in Farmside's Broadband Terms and Conditions, section 2.12.

  3. Off-peak data boosters must be purchased for a minimum two month period, over two consecutive billing periods.

  4. Customers can purchase boosters either on an as required basis or elect to buy a data booster for future usage periods.

  5. Customers can purchase boosters by either calling the Farmside Customer Services team 0800 32 76 74 or via the MyFarmside portal

  6. The booster usage billing period is from the 21st of the month to the 20th of the following month.

  7. Boosters take effect from the date of purchase to the next 20th of the month.

  8. Off-peak data boosters purchased partway through the month are retrospective and will take effect from the start of the usage billing period, any previous off-peak data consumed will be deducted from the off-peak data booster data allowance.

  9. Once the 150GB off-peak booster has been consumed, any further usage between midnight (12.00 am) – 5:00pm will use the broadband plan data allowance. If this has been fully consumed then overage up to 6GB will apply charged at the overage rate, the connection will then be throttled. Throttling can be removed by adding further data boosters. 

  10. The overage charge is $5.00 per GB.

  11. Any unused off-peak booster data will not be carried forward to the following month.

  12. Farmside’s Standard and Broadband Terms also apply.