About Farmside

What is Farmside All About?

Farmside is New Zealand's leading rural telecommunications company, providing rural and provincial kiwis with access to the telecommunication services they need to improve productivity, save time and enjoy a better lifestyle.

While most urban New Zealander's can access broadband through fixed homelines, a high percentage of those who live and work beyond city boundaries experience difficulties with broadband access and performance due to the physical limitations of their local copper infrastructure.

Farmside has overcome these barriers by developing a reliable rural broadband network that spans the entire country, offering broadband access to all rural and provincial dwellers, regardless of distance from an urban centre, isolated location or challenging topography.

OPTUS Satellite broadband services are not affected by terrestrial limitations. Farmside have thousands of farmers and other rural dwellers already connected and have hundreds more joining every month.

Farmside services include rural broadband, homeline, Farmside voice (VoIP) and mobile solutions, and associated computer and networking equipment to enable integrated connectivity.

Farmside jointly markets broadband packages in partnership with rural co-operatives and suppliers such as Farmlands, Farm Source, PGG Wrightson and Ruralco. Members purchase our telecommunications services on their supply account in the same way they purchase other essential commodities such as fuel, fertiliser or fencing materials.

With over ten years experience in rural telecommunications including Satellite, ADSL and Wireless Broadband, Homeline and Mobile solutions, Farmside has a head office in Timaru and a network of staff and contractors throughout the country.