Standard or Non-Standard Installation

A Standard installation applies where:

• The premises is a single story home or building made of wood or Brick and has easy access to the roof using a ladder (not scaffolding)

• The roof pitch is less than 15 degrees

• 10metres of cabling or less is required

• The modem is located against an exterior wall

• Connecting the service up to a single computer

A Non-Standard installation applies where:

• The premises is a 2 story or architecturally designed (1 or 2 story) home or building

• The roof pitch >15 degrees

• Scaffolding or an elevated work platform is required

• The house is difficult to access (e.g on the side of a cliff)

• Internal cabling is required

• Additional cable in excess of 10metres us required

• Modem needs to be located in a difficult area to access (e.g in the roof space of an internal office)

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