Email Support

Help With My Email?

Yes, absolutely. Via you can log into your email account with your Farmside username and password. If you are trying to access emails via Outlook Express you will need to enter the Farmside mail settings below.

Email Address:
Incoming Mail (POP3):
Outgoing Mail (SMTP):
Incoming Server (POP3): Port 110
Outgoing Server (SMTP): Port 25
Web Mail:
SMTP Authentication: Yes

The default size of your mailbox is 100MB.

With Farmside you receive three free email addresses. Additional email addresses are available on request at a small charge. To set up an email address you can simply call us on 0800 32 76 74. We prefer to speak to you to set these up rather than emailing us so we can ensure security and privacy.

The first place to look for these missing messages is in the Quarantine folder through Farmside Webmail. To do this you need to log into your Webmail via with your email account and password. You will be greeted with a welcome screen. On the left hand side you will see a list of links, click on Pending.

You will be presented with additional links, click on Quarantine. If there are messages being caught in the spam filter they will be displayed in here. To release messages from a sender you have two options you can tick the message and click on either:

1. Allow which will transfer the message to the inbox and add the sender as a friend.
2. Release and it will transfer the message to your inbox on this occasion.

Future emails from addresses that are allowed will go through to your Inbox. The remaining emails can then be ticked and click on Is Spam. Another thing to double check is that the person sending the email has the correct email address. If you need further assistance give our customer service team a call on 0800 32 76 74.

If you are using Farmside Webmail you simply need to click on New Message to send an email, in the bottom right hand corner you need to ensure there is a tick in the box Keep Copies. To save this setting you need to send an email and it will save this setting to your Webmail account.

Log into your Webmail account via using your Farmside username and password. You will be greeted with a welcome screen. On the left hand side you will see a list of links, click on Pending.

On this page any emails caught by the spam filter will be stored here under the Quarantine Folder. To check or change your spam filter settings you will need to click on the Simple tab along the top. It is recommended that the Spam Detection Level is set to 8 - Probably is spam (recommended),and the action is set to Place spam in inbox and mark subject. This way you will get any and all emails sent to your address, being delivered to your inbox with spam emails detected at a level 8 marked as spam. Click on Save to save these settings.

Most Internet Service Providers will allow you to retain your email address with them, however you will need to check this with them. Farmside provide three free email addresses for each broadband account set up with us.

You will need to log into Webmail via Click on Options. Click on Holiday Settings. You can then type in the email address that you want the emails to be forwarded to. Once you have updated all details click on Save.

By default all Farmside email accounts are limited to sending 1000 emails per day. This is a safety feature to limit the amount of damage that can be caused if the email account should be compromised and abused by a spammer or other such person with malicious intent.

This limit can be increased for those customers who have larger email sending requirements such as large mailings lists. Please contact our customer service team on 0800 32 76 74.