Homeline FAQ

To help you understand our Homeline options and the best solution for your telephone needs we've put together a series of Homeline FAQs.

No. Once they have transferred to Farmside Homeline they simply pick up the phone and dial the numbers they wish to call. This and every call will be made using Farmside and will be rated per the Farmside Simple Tolls rate plan.

No. Farmside Homeline is independent of any relationship the customer has with Telecom and often will be replacing a Telecom service. A customer’s contract is with Farmside and no one else.

Absolutely not. A customer’s existing phone number will be transferred from a customer’s existing provider to Farmside via a porting process.

All homelines are capable of receiving phone and fax calls. The Call Fax option enables a fax to have a different ringtone and costs $4.03 per month.

No. Unfortunately the majority of infrastructure in New Zealand is maintained by Telecom Wholesale and we are dependent on this infrastructure to deliver the Farmside Homeline Service.

Farmside Homeline has a 12 month minimum service term.

Call us on 0800 32 76 74 and you can sign up over the phone.

Local calls are free but dialling an area code in front of what should be a local call makes it a national call - and we have to charge for those!

Yes, Capped Calling is available with the Homeline Calling Plan and ADSL Bundles.

No. Farmside toll rates are applicable at all times of the day and week.

A customer can purchase multiple talk packs but only one of each call grouping. (ie one national, one mobile and one international). Talk Packs are not available on the Homeline Calling Plan, they can be added to Satellite and Wireless Broadband Ultimate Bundles.

We do our best to make sure that our rates are attractive but we can't guarantee that we'll always be the cheapest, but we will do our level best to give the customer a great deal overall.

Definitely! Email billing is Farmside’s preferred option.

Yes. Full billing information will be provided in Myfarmside.

Yes Farmside will send a summary bill (up to three pages) for $5 +GST per month only if requested.