Farmside Mobile FAQs

To help you understand our mobile services we've put together a series of mobile FAQs.

Farmside deliver an exclusive plan and a great service to Farmside customers via the Vodafone network. Please be aware the service provider will show as Vodafone on all Apple devices.

Mobile services are available nearly anywhere in the country. We have coverage in 97% of the places Kiwis live, work and play. Farmside can check your coverage status using our coverage tools.

Yes you sure can, any NZ mobile phone number can be ported to Farmside.

It takes approximately 24 hours.

No there is no porting charge.

Yes, you can combine all your telecommunication services with us and receive just one monthly invoice.

Yes. We have billing arrangements with ATS (Ruralco), CRT, Farmlands, PGGW and RD1.

Yes, if you are a brand new customer. No, if you are already a Farmside customer with an approved billing path and with a clear credit history with Farmside.

At this stage we are unable to offer that type of facility to check your account balance. For now, simply call our customer service team on 0800 32 76 74 to check your account balance.

Yes you can check your usage for all calling, txt messaging and mobile data usage by logging into Myfarmside. You will need your login and password to gain access, if you are unsure what your details are then call our friendly customer service team.

Yes, we will text you if you reach 80% then 100% of your allocated data cap or calling minutes within your plan.

Yes, if you wish to disconnect while still within your 12 months contract term you will be charged for any initial credits you received when you joined. Click here to view the disconnection fees.

Customers must also give 30 days notice for disconnection. Eg, we will switch off their service and stop charging them 30 days following their disconnection request.

Yes, however there is a one off Downgrade Admin fee of $46.00.

No, Farmside will not be selling or offering handsets as part of our mobile plans.

All Farmside Mobile plans include unlimited texting to NZ and Australia Mobiles, see casual rates for international texting rates.

Yes, the unlimited text message allocation in the Farmside Mobile plans can be used to text message any New Zealand or Australia mobile on any New Zealand or Australia network.

You can add as many as you need, however you may wish to consider upgrading your plan to a bigger plan that may better suit your requirements.

Yes, packs can be added part way through the month but will only apply till the end of that usage period. Customers will be able to request the pack comes off after that billing period or alternatively they will need to call in to have it removed.

Unfortunately not, if you exceed your data cap you will be charged the casual rate of 18 cents per MB, however we can upgrade you to a larger plan that offers a larger data allocation to suit your needs better.

You can downgrade the following month, but we recommend that if you are going to consistently use a larger amount of data that you stay on a more appropriate plan.

We will text you if you reach 80% then 100% of your allocated data cap or calling minutes within your plan.

No there will be no charge for SIM cards.

SIM card activation's can take place during our business hours of 8:00am – 7:00pm Monday to Friday and 9:00am – 5:30pm weekends and public holidays.

You will need to request this, which you can do anytime, including when you first sign up to Farmside Mobile. We recommend customers call us at least 24 hours prior to travelling to activate.