What Our Customers Are Saying

Thousands of rural customers are already enjoying the benefits of Farmside rural broadband. Here's what just a few of them are saying!

Customer Testimonials

Dianne Holliday

Springfield, Canterbury

Farmside have always treated me like a welcomed customer and they have excellent ‘PR’. I have been with Farmside since 2007 and have always been treated courteously, by lovely people with patience and a willingness to help. Farmside’s technical support is prompt and thorough and they communicate in layman’s terms. Farmside’s have broadband and phone packages to suit everyone in rural NZ!

Kate Whyte

Palmerston, Otago

My husband and I are sheep and beef farmers in Palmerston. We have had our Farmside satellite broadband connection for over a year now and wouldn’t be without it. It allows us to keep updated on farming practices, stay in touch with family and pay our bills online. When the grand kids come and stay we are able to look up information to help with their homework, which is made so easy with our satellite broadband.

The Team, The Sir Edmund Hillary Outdoor Pursuits Centre of New Zealand

Great Barrier Island

"Broadband internet connection is critical to the success of the two organisations that share the Farmside satellite at this Great Barrier Island location. The Sir Edmund Hillary Outdoor Pursuits Centre brings around 1000 young people a year from the mainland, to participate in courses that focus on personal and social development using the outdoors. We need to be able to handle lots of communication with schools and individuals to make this happen. The site is shared with Orama Oasis, a dynamic Christian community with a vibrant history of restoring and equipping people for life’s journey."

Carol Stax

Hamilton, Waikato

My partner and I run a busy building company. Farmside RBI Fixed Wireless broadband has enabled us to utilise our time more efficiently with a connection that is both fast and reliable. We no longer have to endure large waiting times that come with dial-up when emailing building plans and images to clients. Our Farmside RBI Fixed Wireless broadband connection has also allowed us to keep in touch with family members overseas, purchase goods online and research information. We wouldn’t be without it!

June Crow

Cambridge, Waikato

When my partner and I were farming we had an excellent Farmside Satellite broadband connection which we used to do our banking and running our business. We have now moved into town and have changed to a Farmside Fixed Line broadband connection through our phone line. We also have our landline bundled with Farmside and find it great only dealing with one Telecommunication company for both our broadband and landline.

Jules, Miro and the Kelsalls

Collingwood, Golden Bay

We are a family of 6 with 4 kids on NZ Correspondence School, we live on an isolated rural lifestyle block with stock, gardens and self sufficient ideas. Farmside satellite broadband has helped us by giving the children access to online learning, they email their teachers and sit tests online, a new way of learning and now they have all the information at the touch of a button. Other benefits include being able to pay bills, register the vehicle and browse trade sites to buy supplies online which saves travelling 100km to town! The list keeps getting bigger as we learn the benefits our broadband connection can bring and of course our computer skills are improving on a daily basis. Having Farmside broadband is becoming a way of life for rural living.

Gary Shepherd


We live in the remote Coromadel Ranges where there is no mobile phone coverage and broadband would not be possible if it wasn't for Farmside’s satellite broadband. My wife is a lecturer at the BOP Polytechnic and uses broadband for a lot of work related downloads, research and communications. We Skype friends and family back in the UK as well as phoning them on our webline phone (phone through our satellite broadband connection). We also use our broadband connection for facebook and we love to watch American Football live. Thanks Farmside for allowing us to keep in touch with the outside world!

Marie Savage

Mangapakeha, Wairarapa

My husband Michael and I have a small sheep and beef farm, workshop and cleaning/gardening business in Mangapakeha, Wairarapa. Our Farmside Satellite broadband connection has changed the way we operate our business and daily lives. We previously struggled with an unreliable dial-up connection. We now save on trips into town (30 minutes away) as we can keep in touch with clients via email, pay bills online, receive payments and purchase equipment. Our broadband connection also allows us to keep in touch with family and friends through Skype and other social networks. We keep updated with the weather and news online, and it keeps our teenage son Dennis entertained when he comes home in the holidays. Thank you Farmside for providing such a great product and keeping us connected to the world.

Hamish Simpson, Mt Lyford Ski Area

Waiau, North Canterbury

We run Mt Lyford Ski Area during the ski season between June to September. Our satellite connection has increased productivity and given us access to the latest weather forecasts. We use our Farmside satellite broadband connection to operate two eftpos systems, two-three computers and have our telephone running through Farmside Webline (VoIP) service. We employ 15 staff and have managed to cut down man hours now we no longer need to manually process eftpos and credit card payments.

Rex Thompson


At the age of 90 years old, with a hearing loss of 75% and an eyesight impediment preventing me from reading or writing, my computer and phone are my prime tools for communication. My eye sight problems have meant I had to give up my retirement hobbies such as trout fishing, golf, building, restoring and flying aircraft. With time on my hands I decided to turn my hand to writing. I have written two books, Flying High and What a Life (both published,) which would not have been possible if it wasn’t for my computer and broadband connection. Farmside wireless broadband has increased the speed of my internet tenfold, allowing me to get connected with friends from all parts of the world and get instant access to information as required. My broadband connection has become a very important part of my life.

Jacky Stafford

Waipukurau, Hawkes Bay

"I have been a Farmside customer since changing from dial-up to broadband in 2006. Satellite was the only option available to me as I lived in a rural area not serviced by other providers. Having Broadband changed my online life. I have been on several boards based in Wellington, had twin sons at boarding school and we have a farming business. All this has been greatly enhanced by having Farmside as our broadband provider. We are able to work and play from home using Farmsides capabilities. I have had excellent service from the 0800 number, the few times I have needed to call them the communication is regular and informative, and the service is reliable and consistent."

Sandra Jermyn

Seddon, Marlborough

“We run a sheep, beef and cropping property in Marlborough. Our Farmside broadband connection allows us to use our accounting package, complete online banking and farm research. I rely on our broadband connection for my role as the South Island Coordinator for the breast cancer charity “Casting for Recovery” to keep in touch with my work colleagues. Our two young boys love having satellite broadband as they can enjoy their favourite online games. We also use it to keep in touch with family members overseas (Skype and other social media sites) and we watch missed TV programmes on On Demand. I would recommend Farmside broadband to anyone."

Peter & Margaret Brooker

Buller, West Coast

We have been with Farmside for over six years after struggling with a slow dial-up connection. We have never looked back once we changed to Farmside satellite broadband. Our family can now surf the internet easily with the increased speeds and download files without the internet connection dropping out. I can send emails, pay the bills online, file the IRD returns and check the weather forecasts for our dairy farm and rural contractor business. Our three children enjoy our Farmside broadband connection when they are home at from school or during university holidays.